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Pillow Talk with Celeste Escarcega

When we first found images of Celeste Escarcega apartment, we immediately saved them for inspiration. Celeste is a photographer and content creator, living in the Chicago apartment of our dream. After discovering she is a huge N5 & SUNNY fan we just had to get to know her a little bit better. Read on to hear more about Celeste’s apartment and her tips for decorating her space.

N5: Hi Celeste! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who you are and what you do?

C: Well, Hi! Thank you for having me :) My name is Celeste and I’m a Mexican-American gal living in the beautiful city of Chicago. I’m a freelance photographer and content creator who’s also obsessed with interior design and all the pretty things in life. 


Pillow Talk with Celeste Escarcega 2

N5: Where is your apartment and how long have you been living there?

C: My apartment is located in Chicago, IL. the northwest side of the city, to be more precise and I’ve been living in this apartment for the last 3 years.


Pillow Talk with Celeste Escarcega 3

N5: Did you grow up in Chicago or when did you decide to move there?

C: Well, I grow up in between LA, California and Mexico going back and forth my whole life until one day at the age of 18, I came to visit Chicago for the first time and fell madly in love with the ‘Windy City’ so when I was 19 and after finished HS I decided to move and settle in this city. Best decision I’ve ever made :)


Pillow Talk with Celeste Escarcega 4

N5: Tell us a little about your style when it comes to decorating your space.

C: I love natural and earthy interiors, plants and neutral colors are a must when it comes to my place although lately I’ve been trying to slowly incorporate more color to my home going for that ‘Maroccan-bohemian-tropical’ vibes if that makes sense. I like experimenting with styles and mixing them to create my own.


Pillow Talk with Celeste Escarcega 5

N5: What is your favorite thing about the apartment?

C: My favorite thing about my apartment is my bedroom because it receives the best lighting in the house (photographers be like...) lol.


Pillow Talk with Celeste Escarcega 6

N5: What advice would you give to someone who is decorating their apartment/room?

C: To not rush to buy things that you don’t need or that maybe you need but you’re not in love with. Get things that you really really like and that represent who you are; sometimes these can take time to find, so be patience, you will find them.  


N5: We love your photography! Would share what camera you use and would you recommend it to someone who wants to become a photographer?

C: Aw thank you so much!! For my interior shots I used the ‘Canon 80D’ with the kit lens ‘18-135mm’ which is the widest lens I have. The perfect kit for those who want to start with photography.


Pillow Talk with Celeste Escarcega 7

N5: We saw that you have a lot of plants in your space. Any favorite ones that are easy to take care of?

C: I love all of them but my favorite one is my big ‘Bird of Paradise’, such a statement piece and is not so hard to take care of them.


N5: Last but not least, which N5 & SUNNY pillow is your favorite and why?

C: the hardest question! So hard to pick just one but if I had to choose I would say that the “looking good” pillow is my favorite! It’s the cutest pillow I’ve ever owned and it represents N5 & SUNNY to its fullest: cute, unique and fun! It’s like whenever or wherever you see those pretty eyes you see N5 & SUNNY.